Esprit Women's Watches

Esprit watches display a classic, feminine luxury whilst keeping their iconic playful, contemporary visions. They hold a particularly elegant charm with their timeless and exquisite designs whilst flaunting modern details; creating a brand that never fails to turn heads.

Esprit has grown and become one of the world's most recognisable designers of on-trend, contemporary fashion and lifestyle wear.

Esprit watch collection is a stylish return to classic feminine elegance and luxury but twisted with Esprit's fresh and playful contemporary vision. Lightweight stainless, PVD rose and gold plated steels have been used to create a variety of cases, some inspired by vintage chronographic dial designs and others featuring decoratively modern resin inlays that create eye-catching textural and visual effects. This contrast can also be seen in the strap designs that range from classic distinguished leather to matching steel bracelets with corresponding resin inlays that showcase Esprit's signature contemporary style, set off by a host of inset miniature crystals that add another layer of elegant, feminine sparkle.

Esprit watch collection reflects the creativity of design, the latest market trends and the core vision of Esprit itself. Breath-taking design, trendy color combos, and the innovative gift box will make the purchase or the gifting of an Esprit watch & jewel a great moment and memorable experience.